Back in the old routine.

At last, I am once more, back into the old routine, the girls (my neighbours) have been saving up their wee jobs for me, I am happy to help, and it makes me feel needed. My reward comes in the form of a ‘thank you’, card that will drop onto the mat soon after.

Today it was hanging a heavy mirror so Raw-plugs and screw nails required, how easy it all looks on the instruction leaflet, that comes in the flat pack delivered by the courier, but only if you have the tools too hand, and since most of my neighbours are in their 70-80s and even 90s, most will not.

Feeling buoyed, I then set about washing and cleaning the van, and in the sparkling clear morning air, a pleasant, even enjoyable, task.

The government is still running around like a headless chicken over coronavirus, so it looks as if Christmas will come via Amazon, this year. The girls I’m sure will wish to decorate the common room, but their charity coffee morning and craft fair will most likely be cancelled, as will our Christmas party, boohoo.

Although my trip did not go as planned, I feel much better for my time away, if only for a few days, has been a healing balm. I did not realise just how low I had become, mentally, the isolation had taken its toll, sort of creped up on me unnoticed. Make mental note, be more careful and plan to take short breaks from time to time even if for only a night or two away.

I am thankful that I have my bicycle and still able to ride it, it is the only exercise I really enjoy. And being able to gulp down large quantities of fresh air, I’m sure also helps fight off infection. Boris, despite all the rhetoric at the start of this pandemic, for that is all it ever was, we OAP now know we will simply have to fend for our self. Then again we are good at that, for we are blessed with something that seems to be lacking in the younger population and that is common sense. I remember, after a visit from the doctor to see mum, I told him I was worried about mum, his reply was that if she has lived as long as she has, then you have little to worry over, she is a tough old bird. I hope I am blessed with her toughness.

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