Coastal Path

I listened to Martyn Whittock who has written a book called ‘Trump Puritan’ he was telling us – ‘at first Americans was seen as only supporting Israel, now America see themselves as aligning with destiny by supporting Israel’ and explained to us why Trump is seen, by Americans, as a king from the Old Testament. It is all in their DNA we were told, from the time of the second generation that came to America after those on the Mayflower, 400 years ago, and set up their New Jerusalem. Really interesting thesis, I will get the book and try to understand it more. If I have it right, what Martin was saying, many in America see Trump as their saviour, really. I have said all along don’t write Trump off for a second term.

Been out of the picture for a day or two, all down to me walking the Fife Coastal Path, well a wee bit of it anyway. The Fife Coastal Path, can not be ridden and in places it is not even possible to walk it. When I lived in Elie, Tim and I would walk the path in that area most every day. Either out to St Monance and beyond or west to Lower Largo, then to Upper Largo, where we would catch the bus home. Although these days seem like only yesterday, I am not the man I was 10 years ago, something I found out to my cost on the very first day out.

I caught the X60 to Leven and walked back to Elie (around 10 miles by road) on the first day. X60 back home. Next day Elie to Anstruther (Around 6 miles by road) on my third and last day Anstruther to Crail (10 miles by road) from there the bus home. I did intend to go back down to Crail today and walk into St Andrews (10 miles by road) but my body said enough is enough.

I enjoyed it but it was a gruelling task, however it was for a purpose. When I go off on my next adventure I intend to go walking in the foothills to see some of the beauty of Scotland that can not be seen from the road, this will require a bit of serious walking. It is one thing walking on metaled road and pavement, quite another along heather tracks.

I had even contemplated climbing a Munro, just for old times sake. Getting up there would not be the problem, getting back down again would, my knees take it ill out going downhill these days. No more running off the hills for me.

The weather was good to me little wind, although this is less of a problem when walking, still it is always better to have the wind on your back whatever you are doing. I loved being back down by the shore, I never tire of that. When I reached Kincraig I did intend to traverse the Chain Walk but the tide was coming in fast so it would have been a bit foolhardy. In past blogs, I have spoken much about this coast so no point in repeating myself here. It is not a strenuous walk by any stretch of the imagination for anyone reasonably fit, and for us others, well we just have to take it at our own pace.

My list of things to do before I depart is growing longer, gas for the stove, check over and wash the van, fill up with fuel, water and don’t forget the tyres. Set up the solar panel to re-charge the battery that will power my laptop, DVD player and ………….. the number of things that need to be on charge these days. Strange in the 1940s-1950s poverty was going without meals, patched clothing and having to wear shoes you could feel stones through the soles ……….. (I remember my Roman Catholic friend telling me how, when they were children, they would make a game out of seeing how many people had holes in their shoes, when they knelt to pray). In today’s world poverty is defined as living without a washing machine, television and a mobile phone. “If I give you the sun, would you then want the moon and stars too?”

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