Were did my day go?

 Been very lazy today, after a short run I sat down in front of my computer and wrote a couple of short pieces for the website, I have to keep putting something on it to keep the interest flowing until I can get out on my next great adventure.

Bang! my iScot magazine, dropped onto the mat. Along with this superb magazine came an unexpected novella, Fatal Contagion, by Allan Martin.

The book was commissioned by Ken McDonald, manager and editor of iScot, to be given out with the magazine as a bonus for readers during the lockdown, Allan came up with Fatal Contagion a wee crime story and a new case for Detective Inspector Angus Blue.

I have lost a whole afternoon for I just could not put it down until the very last page, and I’m not a big fan of detective stories. But this has no complicated plot, in fact like me you will possibly be one jump ahead of the posy, all the way, the cat with its collar was a dead give away, now where did I read a story with a cat with a very special collar, a bobble that contained the world? The characters, seemed real, the places they visited, were all recognisable and made it very believable. However what caused me to keep the pages turning, was in the writing, fast-moving and easy to read, much like a Lee Child, Reacher novel, but thankfully a lot shorter, or nothing at all would have been done today.

P.S. I’m not very happy about you taking a swipe at cyclists, Allan, the only excuse I can see for this sort of behaviours is that you are a dedicated Volvo driver.   

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