Forth and Clyde

I have been keeping an eye on sailings to Inchcolm Abbey and the Abbey on the May, both are now taking bookings but when I looked up the National Trust for Scotland website they are not opening up their sites until August and limiting the places you can visit the likes of gardens, so it is a bit pointless really. It is the same with Balmerino on the south side of the Tay, it would mean breaking and entering (to get photographs) as I did the last time I visited. The abbey at Newburgh is different it is wide open, but since I have already visited and written about them both in earlier blogs it seems a bit daft to spend much more effort on them. So where next? I thought the bus to Glasgow and cycle back along the Forth and Clyde Canal. I have done the journey in a boat (took two days) but since I will not have to wait for the locks to cycle this time I think I will do it a bit quicker, maybe four hours, but with so much to see along the way, who knows. I can then cycle into Kincardine and catch the Glasgow bus on its return trips back into St Andrews. Sounds like a plan Hamilton.

By next month we will lose around another two hours of daylight and it will turn colder. This Friday 31st July is the start of the bank holiday in Scotland so don’t wish to go anywhere then, looking at Tuesday or Wednesday things should have quietened down again, after the weekend. The weather forecast, says overcast but rain looks unlikely for both those days, then again, thankfully, Elie Weather has not been very accurate in their forecasts of late, I have had some very good days cycling over the last few weeks, against all their predictions, “If you want to know the weather, open a window”, Robin Williams from ‘Good Morning Vietnam’.

Jazz Man tells us it is only 5 months until Christmas. In the days of the highwayman, it was reputed that they would hold up stagecoaches with the words, “Money or your life”. The 1950s (before credit cards came tumbling through the letterbox) we saved for everything, the clarion call then was “Money or your life – take my life, I’m saving up for Christmas”. Sorry, it is just how my mind works.  

I seem to be getting a lot of articles in my in-box from America at the moment, What is going on over there? Is the President trying to start another Civil War to aid him in gaining a second term in office? 

Keep Save.

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