Life Gets Tedious, Don’t It,

Last Saturday of another month, where did it all go? What a morning I have had, took the milk from the fridge and I would not pour from the bottle, not a good start to anyone’s day. Aldi allows us wrinklies (over 70s) to go into the shop half an hour before opening time so that we can stott around the place trying to remember what we came in for. I set off for Aldi and as I arrived at their doors – they opened as if by magic, and all the lights went out, major power cut, not a good re-start to anyone’s day. I hung around for ten minutes – this could take hours, I thought. It was too early for M&S, just over the road, so I thought the petrol station on my way home. Home with my bottle of milk at last that cup of tea, I so desperately needed, I was already suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. The milk was cheese and would not leave the bottle, this was not a good day. Checking the label (something I should have done at the filling station) it was dated 23rd – what is this 25th there was no trouble about changing the bottle of milk and when I went to the cool cabinet, the labels ranged from the 23rd to the 27th from front to the rear of the cabinet.

The clothes were sticking to my back,

I thought it might rain,

So as not to disappoint,

Down it came.

Years ago there was a comic song doing the rounds, Life Gets Tedious, Don’t It. Rain comes down and it soaks my skin – the sun comes out and I’m sweating again ……. We travel hopefully.   

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