Stage Thirteen, Nottingham to Norwich – 123 Miles.

There had been two serious attempts at a breakaway, now forty-four miles out they were as one. Five minutes down the road and a breakaway consisting of Thomas Jones, Pottier, and Philips, pulled away decisively from the main group. Seventy-six miles out of Kings Lynn, their lead had grown to three and a half minutes and by Fareham, they were more than six minutes upon the main field.

This was a worry for Les Scales and Ken Russell since Thomas was in with that leading group and therefore a challenger for the overall lead. Spurred on by such thoughts the peloton quickened their pace.

A quick-moving pack of seven riders made up of Welch, Christenson, and Yeaman having caught up with Thomas, Jones, Pottier, and Phillips on the outskirts of Norwich, headed for the final. Their race was almost a dead heat in fact so close was the call that Thomas was given first, by the breadth of a tyre, and the following six equal second. Whilst the breathtaking race was being played out at the front, the pack had made up some remarkable ground but alas still three minutes back the road.

Since the three challengers, Ken Russell, Les Scales, and Bob Maitland were still in the main pack. The Yellow Jersey remained on Kens back. Thomas’s time was five hours, zero-four minutes, and twenty-eight seconds.

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