Stage Twelve, Scarborough to Nottingham -125 Miles.

Stage Twelve, Scarborough to Nottingham -125 Miles.Stage Twelve, Scarborough to Nottingham -125 Miles. So long as Bob Maitland and Les Scales stayed within the main bunch Ken Russell was content to remain there too in the relative ease of the peloton. Between Selby and Thorne, the gates of the level crossing stopped the main field. Michaux and Steel raced over the pedestrian crossing carrying their bikes, steel streaked away Mathews and Newman gave chase, and soon joined with Steel the three then settled down to pull in the quintet that had gone off eleven miles out and been more fortunate in making the level crossing before the gates closed. It would be a tall order closing down these front runners but by Bawtry the four had their lead reduced, now only two minutes ahead, and by Ollerton, the hounds had hovered up the leading pack. Seven men would fight it out for a first place in Nottingham. Not one rider was able to break free of the group, Ian Steel would lead then into Nottingham Recreation Ground. With the finishing line in his sights, he made one last defiant charge for the line, Overcooked the corner and ended up ridding grass track style around the banking. Six riders shot passed him, with herculean effort, steel was able to overhaul four of them before the line, snatching third place from the jaws of defeat. Trevor Fenwick taking the win in four hours, thirty-eight minutes and zero-three seconds.

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