Stage Eleven, Newcastle to Scarborough -88 Miles.

The race was wide open now Scales with the narrowest of leads. Could Russell regain his crown? Would Bellamy be the dark horse? It all started quietly enough until Stan Jones touched a kerb and punctured, dropping off the back to make repairs.

In Stockton a stray dog intervened, Thomas swerving to avoid the dog, Greenfield to avoid Thomas, Thomas went down. Two of the BSA team Procter and Newman stopped to help their team-mate.

With the BSA men concentrated elsewhere, Russell seized his chance, and off he went like a greyhound out of the trap. At the Back Brow climb, he kicked once more and increased the pressure on the four riders that had gone whit him. By the summit, he was all on his lonesome moving fast and strong. In the main bunch Maitland, the only remaining BSA man watched Steel closely. A lapse of concentration on Maitland’s part and Ian steel was off down the road and out of sight. Minute by minute he overhauls Russell’s dropped tail first Matthew, then Van Den Doorn. Pottier, finally overtaking fourth man Trevor Fenwick who jumped on Steel’s back wheel. Soon they united with Russell and all three worked together opening up their lead on the chasing group. Trevor Fenwick dropped off, the pace Russell and Steel set was too hot for him, covering two miles in just three minutes at one point. This was superhuman stuff from these two. The enthusiastic crowd that packed the finish in Scarborough saw the two race wheel-for-wheel for the line. Ken Russell crossing the line with a bike length to spare over Ian Steel and five minutes ahead of the main bunch. Ken regained his Maillot Jaune, Ian Steel’s effort moving him up into sixth place overall. The time three hours, twelve minutes, and forty-five seconds. (average very close to a mile ever two minutes).

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