Fail to plan – plan to fail.

Monday is my allotted time in the laundry, so my rest day from the bike. Still, not a day to loiter for tomorrow would be my ‘Big Ride Out’, along the coast following the north shore of the River Forth.

Washing safely in the machine, it was off up to Aldi, home again, breakfast then out to the van, bike out, ready for a good wash down and checking over. I never like to fill my pannier bag with “Just in case” equipment, I only take essentials, for tomorrow’s trip that will include my cycling cape, Elie Weather tells me I could experience the odd shower. I learned a long time ago, when deciding, what to take on a journey should always start by me asking myself this question, “Who will have to carry it?”, anyway on this trip I have my “Get you home service” in my wallet, my OAP bus pass.

With my knickers drawer once more fully stocked I am happy. Well, I might have an accident. Mum would be black affronted if the doctor was to take her aside to tell her, “Your son will be fine Mrs Hamilton, but, much as it grieves me to tell you, he hadn’t changed his knickers”.     

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