Stage Eight, Glasgow to Dundee -85 Miles.

In the first miles, many attempted a breakaway but quickly brought back, the peloton was having none of it. Then came the long hard climb over Forteviot Hill, a trio made up of Ian Greenfield, Peter Procter and Bob Maitland forced their way clear. They fought it out for the day’s prime point and it was in that order they went over the summit. Greenfield taking it by five lengths over Procter, Maitland squeezed out on the line. Easing slightly to catch their breath opened the door for Gordon Tomas who took off like a scalded cat chased by a small group of nine who eventually joined up with him all now riding like demons. Ken Russell determined to regain his Yellow Jersey went with them and struggled for fifteen miles to get in touch with the leaders. Along the Esplanade, Ian steel made an extraordinary effort in order to cross the line first but went too early, he blew, allowing Scales, Tomas, and Russell to shot around him finishing in that order and all within a wheel’s length of one another. Ken’s third placing and bonus reinstated him in the Maillot Jaune, Scales time, three hours eleven minutes and twenty-nine seconds. No, let up to the overall average speed, in excess of twenty-five miles per hour.

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